Sermon from 04/07/13_Freedom to Love

Date 2013-04-07

This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville we continued our sermon series on “Freedom” and the book of Galatians.


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Sermon from 03/10/13_What if Jesus Really Rose from the Dead

Date 2013-04-01

What if Jesus really rose from the dead? This was the hot question for our 2013 Easter service at Imprint Church in Woodinville, WA.

If you can open your mind to the possibility that Jesus is who said he was, the whole world changes. It has changed the course of millions of people’s lives throughout history. It changed the disciples’ lives that walked with Jesus fo years. It changed Mary’s life. It changed all of these people’s worlds, and we’re convinced it will change yours, too.

So what does it mean for our lives if Jesus really rose from the dead? How does the resurrection of Jesus show us a new reality of life?

Imprint Church is a Christian Church serving Bothell, Redmond, Kirkland, and Woodinville WA.


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Wrecked! Jephthah in the Book of Judges

Date 2013-01-27

In the book of Judges we see a recurring cycle with the Israelites of: Sin > Repentance > Deliverance > Peace, then the cycle starts over.

As we continue our study of the book of Judges at Imprint Church we get to Jephthah. This is the story of a man who offers only part of his life to God. While Jephthah succeeds in winning a war against the Ammonites and becoming the leader of Israel, he also succumbs to making a rash vow to God, resulting in the loss of his only daughter.

Here are some of the key points from this week’s sermon on Jephthah along with the time in the recording where you can learn more about it:
1.God’s approval in one area of our life is no guarantee of His approval in all the areas of our life. (8:08)
2.God wants all of us today. God wants our hearts, our minds, our actions… He wants it all. (11:40)
3.If this is the kind of story that makes you say, “I don’t want to follow a God like that.” But let us set something straight … Description does not equal Prescription in the bible. (24:10)
4.Just because there are areas of our life where we have victory, doesn’t mean that every area of our life will have victory as well. (31:35)
5.Don’t we all have areas of our life that we don’t allow God to rule? Where we make our own decisions? We leave God out because we can think we can do it on our own. (31:36)
6.Following Jesus part-way is like taking up smoking to lose weight. It doesn’t make sense. (39:20)


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01/06/13 Wrecked! An Overview of Judges

Date 2013-01-08

We started a new series this week at Imprint Church in Woodinvillle, WA called, “Wrecked!” It’s a study of some of the main events and characters in the book of Judges, one of the most gruesome and dark books in the entire Bible. It is the story of people’s self-destruction when they cycle further and further into the abyss of their own terrible decisions. Judges really is a book about God delivering his people from those messes they create.


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Captivated by God

Date 2012-12-30

In this sermon recording from Imprint Church, guest speaker Forrest Miller walks us through Psalm 27.

There are a few key questions that we as Christians should be asking ourselves when we reflect on Psalm 27:
1. Am I teachable?
2. Does God captivate me?
3. What do I shout about?

Spend the next 45 minutes reflecting on what things captivate you and how those tie into God’s plan in this weekly sermon recording from Imprint Church in Woodinville, Washington.


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