2014-10-12_Sacrificial Mission

Date 2014-10-13

You have a Christian mission. God has something planned for you. If your Christianity is too easy, you might be missing your mission.

This week at Imprint Church, we studied what Acts 20:17-21 has to say about the role of a “Sacrificial Mission” in the life of a Christian. Listen to this sermon to hear what Paul has to say about being willing to serve the Lord.


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2014-10-05_Fellowship and Support

Date 2014-10-05

In this sermon, you will learn about two things that we need to understand to make this all work: Our Need and Our Contribution.

Your need is met in Gospel Fellowship. Your contribution is met in Christian community, in treating one another with preference.


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Date 2014-09-29

This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville we welcomed guest pastor Tom Regan from Northshore Church in Bothell, WA.


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2014-09-14_A Church That Is Authentic and Welcoming

Date 2014-09-15

This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we continued looking inward at our own mission as a church by addressing the topics of being Authentic and Welcoming.


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2014-09-08_Christ-Centered Expectancy

Date 2014-09-08

This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we kicked off a 6-week series titled, “Project Church”.


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