A King And A Kingdom - Mark 7:1-23

Date 2015-06-22

In today’s passage, Jesus was making it clear that doing the right things does not mean that a person is “right” on the inside. No amount of hand washing can change the selfish nature of the heart – break the patterns of legalism, false worship, and sin, to make it clean. There is only one way. His name is Jesus. By trusting in him for our salvation, we can be changed from the inside out.


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A King And A Kingdom - Mark 6

Date 2015-06-17

What if they place you could go where the buffet was amazing, the chef was world class, and the food is cooked to perfection?


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A King And A Kingdom - Mark 5:21-43

Date 2015-06-02

There’s something powerful here for us to understand… almost a question to be asked again… do you know that no matter where you at in life that you are actually desperate for Jesus’ touch? To receive wellness, healing, wholeness, peace, and salvation, it takes the touch of Christ.


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A King And A Kingdom - Feel Compelled to Share Jesus

Date 2015-05-26

In this sermon, you will learn the four words in Mark 5:1-20 that Jesus used to teach this man about how to share his experience.


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A King And A Kingdom - Parable of the Soils Sermon

Date 2015-05-18

Why does the connection with Jesus fade for some people while growing for others?

Listen to this sermon on Mark 4:1-20 by Imprint Church in Woodinville to learn what it means to have a fruit bearing life and how to let your heart be fertile soil for God’s word.


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