Captivated by God

Date 2012-12-30

In this sermon recording from Imprint Church, guest speaker Forrest Miller walks us through Psalm 27.

There are a few key questions that we as Christians should be asking ourselves when we reflect on Psalm 27:
1. Am I teachable?
2. Does God captivate me?
3. What do I shout about?

Spend the next 45 minutes reflecting on what things captivate you and how those tie into God’s plan in this weekly sermon recording from Imprint Church in Woodinville, Washington.


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12/20/12 What Was Jesus’ Most Amazing Miracle?

Date 2012-12-20

I believe the Christmas story of Jesus Christ’s birth is the most amazing miracle in the entire Bible.
You may say… What about the feeding of the 5000? What about raising a dead guy back to life again? What about turning water into wine?
But I think Jesus’ birth is far more amazing than both the creation of the universe and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Why would I say that?
Christmas is that pinnacle moment in history, in which the mystery of the supernatural, the character of God, and the work of God all meet together in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.


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God is Deliverer

Date 2012-12-09

Imprint Church in Woodinville has been teaching a “Portraits of God” sermon series in our weekly Christian service where we examine what the Psalms have to say about the characteristics of God. In this sermon, Pastor Darren Larson looked at Psalm 40 and the portrait of God our Deliverer.


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