Sermon from 02/10/2013_Freedom by Grace

Date 2013-02-10

In Galatians 1:1-12, Paul sends a letter to the church after finding out that they have started wandering from the faith. Some outside teachers began teaching that circumcision was a requirement to being a Christian. The problem then, as it often is now, was that people were trying to “add on” to their faith. Paul was very upset with this new teaching and spends the first part of this letter emphasizing that we are saved by grace, not by works.

The key points that we hope you walk away with in this sermon on the “Freedom in Grace” from the book of Galatians, along with the (time) in the recording where you can learn the concept are:

No matter hard we work, or how many sacrifices are made, we cannot gain freedom by our works. (4:45)

We are saved by grace, and we must continually live by grace. (15:55)

Christians don’t fail in their relationship with God by being obedient; they fail by relying on their obedience. (20:12)

God’s grace is given to us (21:58)

God’s grace rescues us (30:42)

God’s grace should sustain us (37:00)

So how do you know that you’re living by grace? It becomes the cornerstone of everything we do. New life in Christ means that we would be compelled to his holiness, compelled to Christ centered relationships, and compelled to share this amazing news. It means that we are more concerned with the condition of the hearts of those around us than the condition of their actions.


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