Sermon from 02/17/13_Freedom from the Past

Date 2013-02-17

This was our second week in the “Freedom” series on the book of Galatians at Imprint Church in Woodinville. The key idea on this sermon was “Freedom from the Past” with a focus on Galatians 1:13-2:14.

Here are some of the key learning points from this sermon on Galatians, along with the time in the recording where you can hear them.

In Christ, my past does not define my present or my future. (8:15)

Paul’s story show us this: No one is so good they don’t need the grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No one is so bad they cannot receive the grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (21:21)

God’s grace can redeem our past (22:26), to show His glory in the present (31:56), and bring us freedom in the future (38:24).

The four things that characterize a person that can’t forgive themselves. (27:31)

Paul shows us that we must have the courage to be vulnerable and speak personally about what God’s grace means to us. (33:00)

How do you escape self-condemnation to get the freedom that the bible describes? (41:08)


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