Sermon from 04/14/13_Freedom to Walk in the Holy Spirit

Date 2013-04-14

In our April 14th sermon at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we studied Galatians 5:16-26 to see what the Bible has to say about who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. The Freedom Statement for today’s sermon was, “If you know Jesus, you are empowered to walk in the power of the holy spirit.”

For much of church history the third Person of the Trinity has been virtually overlooked. And today more than ever this is true because we are so good at doing things ourselves. We pride ourselves in self-sufficiency and competency and best practices. What if those things are actually killing our spiritual lives?

Moreover, we really believe that today many people are hungry to experience a real encounter with God. They don’t want our polished show or our “best foot forward.” They want to really see the Lord working in the midst of us… changing lives, helping us not rely on ourselves, and seeing things that are only possible if God is in it.

The only way this is possible is if we allow the Holy Spirit to work and direct. If we allow the supernatural to supersede the natural and are willing to be led by the Spirit of God.


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