Kingdom Manifesto - Matthew 5:17-48 - Tom Regan

Date 2016-05-29

Do you create checklists for yourself? It’s a good idea for when you’re at the grocery store and don’t want to forget bread or milk. It’s a good idea when you’re trying to get tasks completed at work or around the home. But a checklist is a bad idea if you’re trying to measure your righteousness. You can’t simply create a checklist of do’s and don’ts and assume that as long as you do the right things, or avoid the bad things, your heart is in a good place before God. Jesus said so Himself. This Sunday we continue our Kingdom Manifesto series as we explore Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. We’ll give thought to what true righteousness is and why checklist religion has no place in – and will gain you no entrance to – the kingdom of heaven.


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