Kingdom Manifesto - Matthew 7:1-11 - Darren Larson

Date 2016-07-11

This Sunday at Imprint Church we get to dive into a couple of the most misunderstood verses about Christianity from the Sermon On The Mount. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say before, “The Bible tells us not to judge!” This person may not even believe in the Bible, nor have any idea where it came from, but they know this verse. Or maybe you’ve heard someone say, “I’m a Christian because I follow the Golden Rule. You know, ‘Do unto others as you would have then do unto you!’” The funny thing is, while both of these sayings are made famous by Jesus’ own words in the Sermon on the Mount, they are easily confused on what they mean and what relevance they have for our lives. What if “Do not judge” had a context that allowed you to think critically and help people who are going astray? What if following the Golden Rule didn’t get you any closer to Christianity than being a kleptomaniac? Could it be that we have misunderstood some of the most famous verses that Jesus himself said? Join us this Sunday at Imprint Church at 9:00 or 10:45 AM as we discover more about Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:1-12.


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