2014-02-02_Sermon on Nahum

Date 2014-02-03

The big lesson in Jonah is about God’s character and grace. God can judge our sins and the consequences could be brutal.

Like Nineveh, if we do not continue to follow what the Lord is wanting for us, we are opening our lives to judgement and crisis and hopelessness. The Ninevites had 2 generations pass since the entire city was changed… now they were doing their own thing.

Many of us have a Sunday faith. We have a high experience on Sunday at church, with the Christian community, but we go away and don’t have the same mindset. We forget. We think we are OK on our own. Just like Nineveh.

And that ends badly – with God’s judgment and execution of punishment. We have to understand that we need Jesus to escape the judgment of God.


Discussion Questions http://imprintchurch.org/judgment-forgiveness/


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