Wrecked! Your Cheatin’ Heart.

Date 2013-01-13

This week in Woodinville our sermon was delivered by our special guest, Jon Furman. Jon is the associate pastor at Willamette Christian Church in West Linn, Oregon and long time friend of Pastor Darren Larson at Imprint Church.
In our second sermon of the, “Wrecked! The Book of Judges” series, we look at the life of Gideon. Gideon was a man chosen by God to rescue the Israelites from the invading Midianite and Amalekite armies. If this were Sunday School, we would probably just tell the story of his army of 300 defeating an army of 100,000 by trusting in God’s strength. But there is a second side to that story that needs to be examined. After Gideon’s victory, a downward spiral begins where we see Gideon making the exact same mistakes we make in our own personal lives.


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