2014-03-16_Sermon on Haggai

Date 2014-03-17

We have this idea that our life is made up of some sort of priority list management. And we tick off things as we go along because we then feel good about our priorities. But frankly, if you’re putting God first, family second, work third – you’d never show up for work. There’s always more Bible to read, more children to care for, more quality time with the spouse…. You’d never come close to finishing up the “honey-do” list.

In order to get your priorities straight, you have to put all these things in your life in 2 different boxes: the spiritual box contains all the God stuff – church, ministry, Bible study, etc. – and the secular box contains everything else.

Instead of a staircase way of living life, priority should be more of a wheel approach. Think of Christ in the center of all the activities in your life – work, family, friends, church, mowing the lawn, taking a nap – whatever thing God is at the center. You’re doing it for Christ.


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