Wrecked Barak Deborah

Date 2013-01-20

Imprint Church in Woodinville continued with the “Wrecked!” sermon series this week by looking at Judges 4-5. In this section of the book of Judges, we are introduced God’s chosen Judge Barak. Barak had been instructed by God to lead the armies of Zebulon and Naphtali against Sisera’s forces to break the Israelites free from 20 years of oppression. But Barak didn’t go right away. Instead, he had to be prompted by Deborah, the other judge in this story.

Barak’s flaws that we read about in Judges 4-5 are very similar to one of the most common struggles we have in our own lives… we fear men more than we fear God. People are our idols and their opinions of us are given more importance than our obedience to God.

Here are some of the key points from this week’s sermon along with the time in the recording where you can learn more about it:
1.People are generally more concerned with their reputation than their character. Often this is an issue of respecting people rather, or more than, God. (21:40)
2.Most of our lives are spent creating and defending an identity that will fail at some time or another. (32:46)
3.God will use available people who are not concerned with their own reputation to accomplish his purposes. (39:35)
4.We need to receive our identity and validation from the Lord, not from other people. (41:40)


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